MP3's etc - Okay, so I've done some pretty crazy windups over the years, find My best in here.. Submit your own and I'll maybe include them here too!
Radio Okay, the story... I got a call from Gor asking Me to call a radio show and wind the host up.. 'What with though?' I say.. 'You'll think of something' he replies... Hmmm, I think I'll use HIS name on this one, slightly adult in nature, really funny, I think the host really fell for this one :)
Radio Remix//mod And so.. you've heard the Radio MP3, Now check out what Gor done to it on Protracker, in the good old days of the Atari ST :)
Power Station Video Just got there in time to film this.. Blyth Power station in Northumberland, England getting blown up... all four chimneys come down!