Based in Northumberland, We have over 25 years of experience with computer hardware and software, If we're not your first point of contact, we'll be your last! * Now with improved bandwidth - Still needing update though lol
Useful, and Essential Applications - These are the programs I use on a regular basis. Mostly FREE too, so get your mouse clicking that SAVE AS button :) Live Streaming Webcam, our youtube channel is up! calls4u2 - this is how to deal with em!
MP3's etc - Okay, so I've done some pretty crazy windups over the years, find My best in here.. Submit your own and I'll maybe include them here too! About Me - Photographs, information, history. Anything else you wanna know, get an email to Me, or use ICQ (61410527)
My Interest In Computers Came Through Programming - Started in BASIC and moved up to various flavours of assembly language (Z80, 6502, 8086, 68000) Forum - Post here and give your views on... well.... .Virtually anything.. Also tech support, tips, and chat. Registration recommended.
Driver Files and Links - I know how frustrating it is to try and find the drivers for hardware, so I'll try and include files and links to My favourite hardware here :) My Current System - By the time you view this, it's probably out of date! Check out what we believe is the most affordable solution at the present time.
Tutorials and technical information. Started this section after having to pull apart My laptop due to overheat issues, See the article here. Links to other interesting sites - Want your site considered to go in this section? Let Me know :)
Delete All Your Files - Click here to perform an instant low level format of your drive. No warning messages will be given, proceed with caution! frog.JPG (97181 bytes) Games... I think you'll know what to do on this one!!!
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